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the ♪ m u s i c ♪ of our ಌ l o v e ಌ...

♫ it r i n g s so f a r a w a y...☆ ♫


a b o u t m e ♥

• h e l l o~ Feel free to call my Rain/ee/ie or just pastrie_chan. Currently fifteen and a sophomore studying Culinary Arts and Nutrition ♥

I enjoy writing fanfiction but, as I am no longer in middle school, English classes do not teach creative writing anymore, and instead I must burn my brain cells writing research papers (MLA papers not ftw at all.)

a p p e a r a n c e - w i s e :
I'm your typical Chinese girl who does not wear make-up (no offense to those who do of course.) Straight black hair, curled once and never doing it again. Besides, I have abnormally thin hair and barely any (see me with a ponytail and you'll cry. It's less than two inches wide). Long side bangs that can scare away people when I put them in my face (Sadako from "The Ring"? XD) ♥

p e r s o n a l i t y :
I, um, well...to be put in simple words: I HATE MYSELF. No, not like omg-suicide hate myself, but like, if I met myself, I would hate me. I'm very pleased to be able to have friends.Why do I dislike myself so? I'm a hateful fangirl. If I hate something, it rots when I stare at it and yet I squeal about things I like. Er, I know. The rotting thing is a bit exaggerated but I really can't stop ranting when I hate something. i.e, my lovely aunt (wrate a hate song just for her and sang it at her birthday party! She had no idea what hit her. People who did couldn't stop laughing.)

f a n d o m s ♥

Um....things I like? ♥

a n i m e/ m a n g a :
---currently--- Ouran Koukou Host Club, La Corda d'Oro, Naruto, Kimi ni Todoke, Nodame Cantabile, Shugo Chara! , Skip Beat!, Bleach, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't quite remember...

a n i m e/ m a n g a P A I R I N G S :
---currently--- Ouran Koukou Host Club (tamaharu ftw), La Corda d'Oro (lenxkaho and shimizuxshouko? XD), Naruto (nejiten is the only reason why I follow &hearts ), Kimi ni Todoke (kazehayaxsawako), Nodame Cantabile (chiakixnodame? duh?), Shugo Chara! (ikuxamu), Skip Beat! (ren is going to get kyoko, sho, so shut the hell up), Bleach (ichiruki, uryuxorihime?), and a bunch of other stuff that I can't quite remember...

m u s i c :
YUI, Yukari Tamura, Vocaloid (kaimiku ftw ♥), Jay Chou, Fahrenheit, S.H.E, Hiromi Wada, Fish Leong, Berryz Koubou, Morning Musume, Owl City, t.A.T.u, Chieko Kawabe, m o r e?

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